Growth Track events are designed to kick start your spiritual growth!


Currently two sessions are hosted each event date. Growth track is offered every month. Once a quarter we celebrate as a family on Celebration Sunday; professing our faith through Water Baptism, welcoming New Members, and sharing the Lord's Supper (communion) together.

Family 101 - Spiritual Family and Church Membership:

This is a basic introduction to the ministry of LaFayette Church of God and will help you understand our vision, beliefs, core values and church membership. 

Essentials 201 - Spiritual Growth and Connect Groups:

This is designed to help define who you are and how to grow as a believer. It guides you through the essential beliefs every Christian needs to find success. While introducing you to the Connect Groups of our church. 

Purpose 301 - Personality and Spiritual Gifts Assessments:

Here you will discover your individual personality and spiritual gift mix and learn how you can Express them to help others. 

Teams 401 - In this session we focus on servant leadership. Offering you practical steps to use your gifts to build God's Kingdom. Here you can also select Express Teams to serve with. 

You have successfully completed Growth Track When:

  • You attend all sessions'
  • You have signed and returned your Membership Covenant
  • You have participated in a Connect Group
  • You have joined an Express team